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Why I'll Never Use a Lockbox!

A Lock Box is a device Realtors use to store keys in on the side or near a property for sale. Very common in the Vancouver Real Estate Market but not something you will see Stu Bell use for a number of Reasons.

1) It is risky and dangerous.

I have heard several stories of Lock Box's going missing as criminals and homeless people smash and destroy the boxes hoping to get the keys out and rob the clients home who is away or worse, in the property.

2) It is a bad way to Sell Real Estate.

Realtors are Salespeople. A huge part of our job, is to Sell our listings to propective Buyers and their Realtors. If you use a Lockbox, then you aren't there, so what is your client paying you for? Realtors need to point out the new high appliances, the new roof, the great school or restaurant down the street, the history of the building, the strata fees, the contingency fund, the high efficiency furnace, ect. If your Realtor is using a lockbox they aren't there to do their job: Sell Real Estate.

3) Who is in the property?

Often Lock Box's are used on vacant property, but is a vacant property any easier to sell than an owner-occupied property? Are the lights left on, blinds up, windows open, doors unlocked? How do you, as your clients Realtor, know exactly who, when, and why people are entering your listing? You don't.

These are the 3 main reasons I never use a lockbox. If I live too far away from a listing and I can't make the drive, I co-list with a local Realtor with local knowledge and expertise. If I have another showing than I will schedule with the Buying Realtor a time that works for all parties to the real estate transaction.

When I represent Buyers I do not need a Lock Box, the Board kindly gives 1-Day codes so I can show property where the listing Realtor is using a Lockbox. This happens a lot, and every time I wish the Listing Realtor was there, for my sake, for both the Buyer and the Seller's sake, and for their own sake because consequently in Vancouver Real Estate is takes 2 to tango, and lock box's simply are unhelpful, dangerous, and the worst way to show real estate.

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